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Creators Collective

Creators Collective

Creators Collective is an interdisciplinary group of creative professionals including artists, designers, makers, programmers, engineers and entrepreneurs. We share a common vision about a more sustainable and human-centered society. Through our work we explore potentials for innovation and change and materialize them into new products and experiences.


Matthias Klas

Matthias Klas

Product designer

With an interdisciplinary design approach, Matthias develops visionary solutions for products, furniture and spaces. He is a deep thinker on social values and responsible consumption, so better expect him to challenge conventions. When not working, you will find him doing outdoor sports in the Swiss mountains.

Paul Weber

Paul Weber


Engineer by trade, Paul is the collective's Gyro Gearloose. During prototyping phases he is in his element, but also the right man to solve any upcoming rocket science questions when it comes to product construction. His motto: „If you can think it, I can build it.“

Eva Jahnen

Eva Jahnen

Graphic Designer

Regardless if creating a corporate identity, building a new font or using her secret power of hand-lettering, Eva’s designs will directly connect to your heart and soul. She loves adventures, travelling and languages and tries to make the world a bit better every day.

Michael Weber

Michael Weber

Entrepreneur and Consultant

Business consultant gone agency director gone innovation lab founder, Michael is official „Enfant Terrible“, photographer and brings together design, technology and business to create innovation and change. He's living by the rule „Saying what you think. And having thought something before“.

Isabelle "Isy" Acker

Isabelle Acker


Gen Y power girl par excellence, Isabelle aka „Isy“ uses street actions and film to provoke social awareness and create meaningful content. Her positive energy makes her an endless source of cool ideas and working with her a blast. In any case, don’t forget to check out her Youtube channel!

Peter Ederer

Peter Ederer


Only happy with a pen in his hand, Peter loves to visualize complex concepts – be it in the quite of the office or by live-recording during workshops and events. He believes that everybody can learn to think visually and shares his knowledge as lecturer at different universities. Also, he has written and illustrated his own children’s book.

If you are interested to join our team or community, get in touch and tell us a little bit about yourself and what drives you forward.


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