Better Prosthetics for Above-Knee Amputees


Prosthetics Engineering

* Image does not represent developed solution. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to show any actual product pictures due to confidentiality.


For transfemoral (above knee) amputees, daily situations such as climbing stairs or standing up from a chair can become difficult challenges. Especially old and weak people are often not able to overcome these obstacles without help.


Working with Ottobock HealthCare GmbH, a world leading prosthetics company, Paul developed a prosthetic knee joint, that supports especially old people while sitting down and standing up from a chair. The project included the following tasks:

  • Biomechanical description of the sitting down and standing up process
  • Development of different possible concepts for supporting these situations
  • Design and final realization of a first prototype
  • Evaluating the prototype with human subjects


First, a scientific reliable biomechanical analysis was developed that helps evaluating further developments. Afterwards, a first prototype was realized, which can be tested in real-life conditions and is going to be optimised continuously going forward.