Germany’s first Mental Health Café


Mental Health Crowd (No. 1-5)
Eva Jahnen (No. 6-7)

Project Description

Although mental disorders are among the most widespread diseases, mental health is still a taboo subject in our society. The hurdle to talk about one’s own mental well-being, to seek help and to open up to others, is high. Those affected often remain helpless and alone.

In order to close this gap, BERG & MENTAL, Germany’s first Mental Health Café, opened in December 2019 – as a meeting place and contact point for prevention. In a cosy atmosphere, people can share their experiences on mental health without fear, and take part in a wide range of offers such as regular workshops, lectures and courses.

Eva accompanied the project from the beginning and developed the visual identity for BERG & MENTAL and the social enterprise Mental Health Crowd behind it. Besides designing the logos, online and print media, she also designed physical objects such as the pins as crowdfunding campaign rewards and developed and produced the Yeah-chocolate together with Malte.

Mental crises or mental illnesses often require a lot of patience. It is above all the small things that cost a lot of strength. It is therefore all the more important that every tiny advance is celebrated. Every time you get up, move on, and every little joy about everyday things is worth a “Yeah!”

More Information (German):

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