Idea Space for Young People

sh|ft Youth @ IdeenExpo


Young people are the problem solvers of tomorrow. That’s why they need spaces in which they can experience: I’m valuable, I can contribute and change things.

In the context of IdeenExpo 2019, the biggest science and engineering event for young people, sh|ft Youth, an initiative of the Protestant church of Hannover, instigated the project ‘Ideen.Freiraum’. The aim was to give space – space for ideas, conversations and reflexion. The young people could ask questions, express their thoughts and expectations and become creative shapers themselves.


As partner of sh|ft Youth we supported the concept from the start and developed an interactive wall for the exhibition space. Using touch-sensitive and haptic sensors, the visitors could start videos concerning different relevant topics, leave comments and share them. To implement the wall, we used conductive ink, a bare conductive-controller and video-mapping software.

During the event, we built paper circuits with the young participants and showed them how to produce professional looking videos by using simple means to make their voices heard.


During the nine days of the event, more than 5000 people visited the Ideen.Freiraum to share their thoughts of tomorrow. In the end, we had collected more than 1500 filled-out cardboard cogwheels, 3000 written post-its and extensive audio, video and photo material. Currently the outcomes are being analysed scientifically and going to be published soon.

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Project Team: Paul, Paul van Laar, Adrian and Michael