Volunteering for Refugees

German Red Cross

Project description

The Red Cross is an organization that is committed to ensuring a good and healthy life and protection in case of catastrophes, crises and wars for people all around the world. To guarantee that the professional aid reaches all those who are in need, the Red Cross relies on the support of volunteer staff for whom the support of others is a personal concern.

The Red Cross state association of Hesse initiated the project Join-Ehrenamt to demonstrate opportunities of voluntary work especially to refugees. By engaging in different fields as a volunteer, the refugees will not only be able to experience what it’s like to participate in a community again and to enrich others, but also get to know people from their region and improve language skills, thus increasing their chances for a paid job.

Our task was to create a website informing potential volunteers about the possibilities of involvement at the Red Cross and motivating them to get in contact.
To provide a low threshold to get into contact, the website was implemented in three different languages (German, English, Arabic).

Steffen and Michael were responsible for the design and implementation of the website as well as social media activities, while the videos were produced by Lawrence and team from Indievisuals.

Visit Join-Ehrenamt.