Sustainable Exhibition System

Rhineland-Palatinate Design Prize

Creators Collective Matthias Klas Exhibition System
Creators Collective Matthias Klas Exhibition System
Creators Collective Matthias Klas Exhibition System


Exhibition system for the Rhineland-Palatinate Design Prize for Communication Design. Every two years, the Design Prize awards outstanding projects in the fields of Communication, Editorial and Multimedia Design. Each time the collection is shown in a different city of the federal state and additionally in Berlin, too. Therefore, the exhibition system had to be especially designed for the use as a travelling exhibition.


Flexible use, flatpack and easy transport, longevity – these were the key technical criteria for the new exhibition system. The aesthetic concept, however, aimed at a more contemporary look: open, transparent, lean. Especially, the awarded projects should be more in the centre of attention. Thanks to the mutual interest in sustainable design, Matthias and Adrienne developed together with descom – Designforum Rheinland-Pfalz a modular construction, built with local wood and recycled wood boards from the previous exhibition system.


The new exhibition system consists of open wood structures referring to a workshop or desk aesthetic. Each frame carries presentation boards and information panels for two projects and can be used for analogue or digital contents. The modular construction provides easy and fast assembling and disassembling with few tools and turns. The project included the development of concept and design as well as self-made implementation.